nathan levasseur
Graphic Design / Intermedia
+ 1 514 688 2309

Impossible Conversations
A series of speculative objects  that engage  the limits of design process. Specifically, the project focuses on  human forms of language and time (done with Daniel Walker).

Please Touch, Gently
Book design for poet, Jenna-Katheryn Heinemann.

Visual identity for the 2016 annual pop-up store put on by the Student Design Association at the University of Alberta.

Digital Drawings
These drawings combine contemporary product design aesthetic(s) and language as a way to re-frame our relationship to vulnerability, production, and capitalism.  Book spread designed by Maegan Fidelino.

Softer Design
A self–directed project that explores semiotics, normative design discourses and symbol creation, focusing specifically on the International Symbol of Access. (here)

Vulnerable Productivity
An analysis of production and the implications of our involvement in production. Namely, how does capitalism influence production and what does it mean to create an emotional or vulnerable product? (done with Jacob Dutton.)

12" and long-sleeve.

6 Female Typographers 
A research project exploring representation of female typographers. Each spread gives a brief background on the typographer as well the typeface in feature. Kimberly Ihre created an amazing digital database at http://typequality com/, which I utilized heavily. 

Lack Of 
In Lack Of, my focus involves re-structuring value and legitimacy as it relates to labour, strength, and vulnerability.

Trust, Development, Protection.
A culmination of all the work I completed during my undergraduate studies. The book includes images and writing about my work and process.  

Move On 
In this work I am thinking about what it means to heal, to confront trauma – embrace it and move forward. Using the crate, I push the idea of integration of everyday objects as a frame of relation, addressing daily labour that goes un-recognized, strength in vulnerability, movement and growth.

Cassette design.

Event Card
Highlighting various events put on by the SDA.

Un-packing failures of masculinity. In Instant I am thinking about emotional tension, hardening and softening, the idea of repetition and familiarization. A material analysis of the  absurdity of rewarding emotional stoicism.